Day 2 – Gillette Fusion Fail and Toilette Paper?

This morning while shaving my gillette fusion cut my face, normally I would have used a paper towel or a bandaid but instead I just held my finger on it until the bleeding stopped.  This apparently didn’t work that well because at work my coworker Megan pointed out that my face was bleeding, fail.  I guess five blades are just too intense.  At least I don’t shave like this guy:

After showing my coworkers my first blog posts they immediately asked me, “What about TP?” (read: toilette paper).  It hadn’t really occurred to me that toilet paper isn’t really recycled in a formal sense.  I wonder how much TP adds to waste in the U.S. and how it is processed before/(during)/after use.  Sounds like I have some research ahead of me.  I can’t wait until my boss finds out I’ve been googling about the life cycle of toilet paper usage while at work. However, TP is not sent to a landfill so I think I am going to allow myself (and those around me) the benefit of using TP for this challenge.  I’m not sure that using recycled toilet paper is even a great idea anyway:

Also something I didn’t expect was paper towels in the bathroom.  You wash your hands, crank the lever, and use paper towels to dry your hands and then you throw them out.  Can those be recycled?  I’ve never seen a recycling bin in a bathroom so probably not.  Guess I’ll have to be wiping my hands on my pants every time I wash them this month.

As a side note, I had three people tell me today that living for a month with nothing more than a small Ziploc bag to hold my trash just couldn’t be done.  However, one of these people also puts Styrofoam cups in the recycling bin so it looks like there’s still some educating to be done.

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5 Responses to Day 2 – Gillette Fusion Fail and Toilette Paper?

  1. Manhands says:

    You could bring a hand towel to work? Probably cleaner than wiping them on your pants…

  2. Sevs says:

    There are WAY more hardships that one would initially think for this challenge. You could try looking up the kind of towels your office uses, see if they are recyclable, then bring it back to your desk with you to recycle there if the “my pants are soaking wet now” thing doesn’t pan out.

  3. katie rizz says:

    i think you’ll find this relevant.

    as part of a Social Psyschology course at Tufts I was required to design a study, and I actually studied how much paper towel people take in the bathroom.

    ANYWAY, I hid in the bathroom in the campus center for about two hours and noted how many pushes people (women- sorry, bias) gave the dispenser: an average of 6 pumps/person.

    then I put a sign over the dispenser that says “DO YOU NEED ALL THAT PAPER? Americans waste 500,000 tons of paper a year. Be conservative, support our earth.””

    on average that condition had a 3.6 push/person ratio.

    still gross– isn’t that so high?!?

    i actually have the paper I wrote on this incase you’re interested. people actually study this stuff, it’s interesting.

  4. Manhands says:

    wait KR that was you? I see that sign every time and take less paper!

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