Day 3 – “You should move to Cambridge and become a Yuppie”

That is what someone said to me today when I tried to explain why I was doing this particular 30-day challenge.  I’m not sure how I was supposed to react, “Why because I’m educated and have an interest in the environment?”  I was kind of put off by the ignorant comment but I just kept going with my day.

I didn’t eat breakfast at home because I had to rush to catch the train.  My normal go-to breakfast at the cafeteria at work is to grab a bagel, toast it, and lather it with gratuitous amounts of peanut butter (nom, nom, nom).  However today I realized that the bagels at work come wrapped in saranwrap, so it was a no-go, bummer.

Instead I had the cafeteria-cook-lady make me a sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich on an english muffin.  Not sure that’s a more sustainable (or healthy) choice but it would keep me from having to throw away garbage. While I was toasting my english muffin for the sandwich I realized that she had already finished.  So I had to eat both, oh well, I’m not really trying to watch my figure anyway.  I had her put my sandwich in my tupperware and she said, “Really? you want me to put it in THAT?” (sounds like my first time).  I said yes it’s good for the environment instead of using the styrofoam that the cafeteria uses (not so much like my first time).   Then the casheir-lady then gave me an odd look and actually laughed out loud at me.  Probably because this is what she saw, I admit it does look a little bit odd:

I ate it, it was delicious, and I didn’t have to throw anything away.  In total it was 1 egg sandwich and 1 english muffin with peanut butter.

Other things that produce trash seemed to pop up all day long.  Like an apple with a sticker on it, even though I’m being healthy, the sticker still counts as trash because it can’t be recycled, I hadn’t expected that.  Also, the box that my soap comes in (too much information?  It’s cardboard so recyclable, no big deal)

Later on after dinner I recycled a few things.  I should also mention that my dinner was chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, dinner of champions?  I just had to wash out the container in order to recycle it.  I might still finish it off with a beer from the Woodstock Inn.


So far so good in the no-land-fill life.  However, tomorrow is trash/recycling day.  I’m not entirely convinced that our recycling is even recycled at all because no one on our street has a blue recycling bins.  We used to have 2 but they were both stolen and not replaced.  I’ll have to put a call into our building’s management company to see what’s up.  Maybe we can get a big blue recycling container for the building to use.  I’ll also ask them about composting in our little backyard area.  I still have a few days to figure out the composting thing.  Look for another blog post about recycling and composting options in Boston.  I will likely be building my own composting container, put that engineering degree to good work.

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4 Responses to Day 3 – “You should move to Cambridge and become a Yuppie”

  1. Manhands says:

    “Really? you want me to put it in THAT?” (sounds like my first time). LOL. I hope you said that to her.

  2. Alissa says:

    My coworker has an indoor (and maybe outdoor) composter. She said the indoor one was $250.
    Upsides: no smell, little trash 🙂 Down side: cash monies.

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