Day 9 – Lunch Fail, Internet Shipment Fail, and Wallet Fail/Explosion

Today was the 2nd time I forgot to bring utensils to work for my pasta lunch.  Also the 2nd time I ate pasta with my hands at my desk, fail:

Ghetto Pad Thai - Rotini, chunky peanut butter, soy sauce, and chicken. Lunch of Champions.

After work I went for a 15 mile bike ride to clear my head.  Conveniently, I finished my ride near a pizza place so obviously I stopped there for some grub (or choke grinds if you’re from Hawaii).  They were very accommodating with my tupperware request.  However this high school kid sitting next to me threw out half of an untouched buffalo chicken calzone.  He literally said to his buddy, “I don’t feel like eating this bro” and threw it out, wtf!

I figured he was in high school because I feel like any self-respecting college kid would have taken it home or would have manned up and eaten the whole thing right there.  I biked somewhere around 15 miles and was starving so I know that the college student in me would have resurfaced and I definitely would have eaten it for him.

My next fail was a package that showed up to my apartment.  I had canceled the order last week (or so I thought) because it was the wrong part for my electric guitar, bummer.  What made up for the fail was that all the packaging was recyclable.  Nice work Rocklers Woodworking Inc.

The packaging

Sustainable Forestry Initiative - an independent non-profit org responsible for maintaining, overseeing, and improving sustainable forestry. It's certification program is the largest single forest standard in the world. Started in the U.S. good job guys.

"Printed on Recycable Plastic" - Where is the plastic recycle #?

"Printed on Recycled Paper"

I think you get the picture.  Great job on the sustainability, poor job on the order fulfillment, I shouldn’t have even received this product in the first place because it was canceled over the phone 7 days ago.

The last fail of the day was emptying out my wallet.  It was more or less an explosion of receipts, business cards, and other random stuff.  It’s amazing how many receipts are printed up every week just for one person (1.5 weeks of receipts below).  Imagine how much paper we would save if it were all done electronically instead (REI member account as an example, you don’t need a receipt to return stuff, it’s logged which item you bought via serial number, date, and time)?  I was able to recycle all of it except my temporary debit card.  I cut that up and put it into my ziplock bag of trash.  That’s what I get for leaving my debit card in the ATM a few weeks ago, ugh.  The picture below was all the extra stuff in my wallet, now it is significantly more spacious inside.  It’s amazing how much junk you accumulate day-to-day even when you’re trying to avoid it.

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