Day 10 and 17 – Young People Get it, Fig Newtons Do Not

Today I went to Corrado’s Subs with some coworkers for lunch.  With my Tupperware in hand I was ready to venture out into town.  I asked the high school/college aged girl at the counter for a large buffalo chicken sub and asked if she could put it in the tupperware instead of wrapping it with their wax paper.  I explained my blog yada yada, and she was right on the same page with me.  She then handed my order with my specific instructions taped to my Tupperware to a middle aged man making sandwiches who seemed pretty stressed out in general, the Tupperware only adding to the anxiety.  This is what I came out with: 

Looks a lot like a buffalo chicken salad.  It was clear that the younger girl knew exactly what I was talking about, but the older man probably thought, “Why would this kid want a sandwhich in a Tupperware, he must have meant salad.”

I went back to Corrados the next week again with Tupperware in hand.  This time I was coming back from a lunch-time bike ride so I had brought my bike into the sandwich shop with me.  The owner of the store (a grey and jovial older fellow) actually took my order and was totally in line with my Tupperware demands.  He stood over the shoulder of the kid making the sandwhich to make sure he got it right. 

I said thanks for accomidating me and he replied, “Hey buddy, you’re our customer, what makes you happy makes us happy, but next time don’t bring your bike in here.”  So I guess you can’t win them all.  Score for Corrado’s Subs in redeeming themselves but loss for their non-friendly bike attitude.  Baby steps.  Perhaps that’s a different 30-day challenge, however, biking in MA is deadly enough as it is, I’d sure be dead if I biked 30 days in a row.

Later that evening I went home looking for some food to eat.  Saw some almost stale Fig Newtons that I purchased almost 3 weeks ago (i.e. before the no-landfill challenge).  I ate the remaining Fig Newtons without realizing that the packaging probably wasn’t recyclable.  The plastic structure on the inside is #4 plastic but who knows what the wrapper is made of, I’m assuming it counts as trash considering it doesn’t have a number on it.  Fail for the Fig Newton.  They are not solely responsible though, it seems impossible to buy any snack at the grocery store that doesn’t come non-recyclable packaging.

Aggravated with the Fig Newtons experience, I went to the Boloco down the street for a Burrito.  As always I took it to-go and refused to take napkins or a paper bag.  I feel like this is an easy way out.  When in eco-doubt, just go to Boloco.  I think I’ll lay off the Boloco for a while because I’m sure it’s getting old reading about how awesome Boloco is.

Lesson of the day: Young people get it, Fig Newtons do not.

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