Day 23 – Farmer’s Markets and the Reverse Commute

Before I started this month’s challenge I had planned on acquiring most of my food at local farmers markets in order to avoid trash and to just eat healthier in general.  Avoiding trash and eating healthy are probably correlated anyway.  That’s the eco-friendly thing to do right, eat local and avoid waste?  Here’s the list of ones near Boston, just put in your zipcode and it’ll list all the local farmer’s markets:

The downside for me is that my weekly schedule doesn’t really allow for visiting the farmer’s markets in MA.  I do the reverse commute via train where I live in the city and work in the suburbs.  All of the downtown farmer’s markets close by 6:30pm (i.e. when I return from work) and all of the farmer’s markets outside the city are on the weekends (i.e. when I’m in the city or on an adventure).  If I had a car I’d drive somewhere on the weekends.  I could use a Zipcar or Relay Rides but it’s not really worth it to spend $14 for 2 hours just to get a farmer’s market.

However, there are some awesome local places to get great fresh food.  I was in Davis Square last night for a kickball game with Social Boston Sports and stopped by Dave’s Fresh Pasta and got 1.5lbs of freshly-made spinach ravioli.  They totally supported my Tupperware request and promised to check out my blog.  They simply weighed the ravioli, placed it in my tupperware, and put a barcode sticker on the lid, piece of cake (or pasta).

Dave’s Fresh Pasta on Holland Street in Davis Square, 2 minute walk from the T-Stop

The next place that I went to was When Pigs Fly, also a 2 minute walk from Davis Square.  They sell pretty unique and delicious loaves of bread and package them in #4 recycled plastic (LDPE, low density polyethylene if you care), good job guys.  I got cheddar/sundried tomato bread, basically it’s amazing so I’ve just been eating straight from the loaf, I didn’t even bother to cut it up.  They also deliver 🙂

Lastly, a few days ago I was at The Parish Cafe on Boylston Street enjoying a beer and some food with my roommate to celebrate him finally getting home from work before 10pm.  Normally I can’t even finish their sandwhiches but I decided I didn’t want to risk them bringing me a Styrofoam container so I managed to stuff down the Rialto, highly recommend it.  Portion control is one of the hardest things to deal with when trying to live with no trash, especially when you don’t make your own food.  I’ve run into this problem almost every time I’ve eaten out.  They give me a huge amount of food (really 2+ meals worth) and normally I’d package it up and take it home but now I think twice about it.  I’ll usually bring a Tupperware just in case but this time I forgot it.  Anyway, I made it happen and washed it down with an Sam Adams Octoberfest (wtf it’s still August) from my beer mug.

"World's Best Grampa" - Long Story


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2 Responses to Day 23 – Farmer’s Markets and the Reverse Commute

  1. Along these lines (Davis Square fresh food outlets), a friend recently recommended McKinnon’s Meat Market:

    Old-school butcher that achieves the hard-to-beat combination of better quality and lower prices than the supermarkets.

    • I actually used to go to McKinnon’s quite a bit, great tasting meat that is local and affordable. However I went there last week to check it out again and almost all of the meat is packaged with Styrofoam and Saranwrap, i.e. you have to throw away 100% of the packaging. Styrofoam can be recycled (to an extent) but it won’t get recycled if it’s touched uncooked meat. At McKinnon’s you can get cold-cuts from behind the counter and put them in your own take-home container but you can’t just get slabs of meat that haven’t been packaged, bummer.

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