Misters and Misses-es of the Military

Today I sat down alone on one of the fold-out seats on the commuter rail and I leaned my road bike up next the the other seats, i.e. blocking four usable seats per the usual.  As the train was about to head back into Boston, four heavy breathing, sweaty, dressed-for-the-town 20-somethings rushed onto the train.  Due to my bike taking up 4 seats they had to split up; two facing me on the other side of the train and two to my right.  I learned that they had to run to catch it in order to make the start of a Blue Man Group Show.  I don’t blame them, the Blue Man Group is SICK.

I've seen them a few times, HIGHLY recommend it. They play some cool music in between comedy skits and bizarre, yet extraordinary talents.

Surprisingly, the train conductor came by to check everyone’s tickets.  Also, it’s probably no surprise that she seemed new, i.e. she was friendly and didn’t seem to be slacking off.  I noticed that my four sweaty and soon to be friends pulled out military ID cards (military rides public transit FO FREE, as they should for serving our country).  They seemed friendly and in a good mood so I asked them if they were in the military.  An obvious “Yes” was the response.  We chatted a bit about where they were from and each was from some separate corner of the U.S.; Georgia, L.A., Chicago, and Washington.

I asked them what they were up to after the show.  Another obvious response, “Going to the bar.”  They asked me for some suggestions and I pointed them in the way of Government Center/Faneuil Hall.  There’s no shortage of Irish pubs to crawl to and from.  I simply told them not to go to McFadden’s.  Those of you who know me know why I hate that place 🙂

Decided to add a winter picture of Faneuil Hall in support of the recently cold weather in Boston. May winter come swiftly.

We then got on the topic of Halloween and I convinced them to drive up to Salem after explaining to one of them the significance of that town (SALEM WITCH TRIALS, DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK?).  Then suddenly the topic switched to yoga somehow, probably because there was Miss Yoga Girl sitting near us who had a yoga mat/stretchy pants, didn’t have an iPod, and was clearly ease-dropping.  Then one of the military guys started laying it on pretty heavy and eventually she told us all about her yoga classes at Back Bay Yoga.  She was on her way to a Hip-Hop Yoga class, which as I understand is simply doing yoga with hip-hop music in the background.  Sounds cool in theory but I’m sure the zen masters from the days of ole’ are rolling over in their graves for the desecration of their art.  The military guys had never done any yoga but I assured them that taking a yoga class would kick/humble their ass.  Not only would it be tough but they’d also just get owned by a bunch of 110 lb women in Lulu Lemon outfits, which I’m sure in itself would be pretty demoralizing to a buff military guy.

Miss Yoga Girl also told us that it’s free yoga month this September and that somewhere near 1000 studios across the country participate.  You sign up online and you get one free week’s pass to a place near where you live.  There are three right here in Boston and I’ve got one-ish week left so I’m contemplating doing it.  We’ll see.  As I was leaving the train the military folks asked me if I wanted to meet up tonight to grab beers.  I respectfully declined but told them that they should have one or two in my honor :), they also thanked me for the Salem suggestion.

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2 Responses to Misters and Misses-es of the Military

  1. This won’t come as a surprise to you, but I disagree with your comment about the “zen masters” and hip-hop yoga. Hip-hop gets a bad rep sometimes, but there is a lot of beautiful art in hip-hop, and I think it could add to the art of yoga rather than desecrate it. I think people often under appreciate the beauty in hip-hop because of some of the other edgy aspects of the culture.

    • I agree, hip-hop is excellent but I’m sure that the hardcore yogis think that hip-hop yoga is weak-sauce because a lot of yoga is concentrating on breath and being “one” with your own mind/body/spirit and anything extra would detract from that (hip-hop or otherwise). Sounds like a good time though, we should work some hip-hop into our winter climbing training with Katrina.

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