Saturday October 1st – October Rain in the White Mountains

The first day of this month’s challenge involved me hiking in the white mountains of New Hampshire.  I’m dangerously close to finishing my 48 peaks in NH over 4,000 feet so I set out with two of my buddies to do a 2 day trip in the Pemigewasset Wilderness to tag Mount Hale, Zealand, Bond, Bond Cliff, and West Bond.  This brings me to 45 peaks, only 3 more more to go; Isolation, Owls Head, and Carrigan.

It turns out that embedding a Picasa photo album into wordpress is pretty non-trivial because wordpress does not jive with flash players.  I decided to use the site Vodpod to achieve a roundabout way of posting my photos on my blog.  If you have a better way of doing this please comment on this post or send me an email at

Here are the hourly photos from day one of the hike:

7:00 - Heading out for a 2-day hike on Mt Hale, Zealand, Bond, Bond Cliff, and West Bond.

8:00 - Requisite stop at White Mountain Bagel for egg sandwiches and coffee.

9:00 - Heading up from the parking lot to Mt Hale.

10:00 - In good spirits heading up Mt Hale in the rain.

11:00 - Thank God for rain covers.

12:00 - Zealand Hut.

1:00 - Thug Life on the way to Zealand.

2:00 - Chillin on top of Guyot.

3:00 - Heading to the campsite at Guyot.

4:00 - Now entering the Pemigewassett Wilderness heading up to Mt Bond.

5:00 - Heading up to Bond Cliff.

6:00 - Stoked to be done with Bond Cliff, I've heard the view is amazing...

7:00 - Heading into camp at Guyot in the dark. My headlamp batteries died so I had to be extra careful on the way down into camp.

8:00 - Mountain House meals allegedly feed 2 people, or one really hungry person. Cold, wet, and tired, time for bed.

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