Sunday October 2nd – More Rain in the White Mountains

Today’s weather was more of the same, only there was just more of it.  Luckily there was room in the lean-to for us to stay (instead of our tent) so life was a bit dryer than we had anticipated.  We said goodbye to our Canadian lean-to-mates and took off around 8:00am, We had hit our five peaks and took an easier route back to the parking lot.

7:00 - The temperature was in the low 40's at night so we cooked breakfast while still in our sleeping bags.

8:00 - Leaving the lean-to and our new Canadian friends.

9:00 - Still in pretty good spirits despite the increase in rain volume.

10:00 - More nature and downhill walking.

11:00 - More nature and downhill walking.

12:00 - Sweet bridge, thankful to those at the AMC for constructing this type of stuff.

1:00 - Last mile out on the road to the car. I love Fall.

2:00 - Had to stop back again at White Mountain Bagel for some eats and coffee before the two hour drive back to Boston.

3:00 - Driving back to Boston reading this book by this kid who lined up 50 jobs in 50 states in 50 weeks. Hugely inspiring, definitely recommend checking it out.

4:00 - Cruisin' I-93 back to Bean Town.

5:00 - Back home, time for a shower and some warm/dry clothing.

6:00 - Finishing up a few blog posts from September's One Conversation per Day on Public Transit Challenge so that I can start working on October.

7:00 - On the corner across from Boloco, probably could have eaten two burritos. Gotta love feeding the calorie deficit 🙂

8:00 - Trying to figure out how to embed a Picasa slideshow into my WordPress blog, turns out it's a pretty non-trivial thing to do.

9:00 - Still trying to figure out how to embed a picture slideshow into WordPress. Went to bed before 10pm 🙂

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