Monday October 3rd – Final Touches On the Guitar

Today was my first weeknight for this month’s blog.  Therefore, my phone battery probably works because I’m not in the middle of New Hampshire.  I found an app for my Android phone that will randomly alarm between two set times.  I chose for the alarm to go off 10 times between 5pm and 11pm so during the week I’ll have 10 photos at random points between 5 and 11.  On the weekends I’ll have to rely on my watch alarm to simply go off every hour and then take a picture.  The app was originally made for diabetics who wanted to randomize their insulin shots but it seems to be working great for my purposes.

Listening to some Albert King on my iPod on the way out from work. I work in a basement without any windows so sometimes blues music just does the trick.

Getting off the train on the way back from work.

The Memorial Steps at Tufts University. I found my way out there to work on a guitar project and to attend a Tufts Mountain Club Meeting as the sketchy alum.


I refinished this guitar for my girlfriend's birthday, gave it to her a month late, and it's still not ready 🙂 Here I'm using "Goo-Gone" to remove some sticky residue from the tape I used to protect the fretboard during the staining process.


Still working on the guitar. Here I'm installing the EQ board, pretty simple considering I don't have to solder anything this time.


Installing the tuning pegs. I thought about buying a new set but the old/worn ones seemed to fit it better stylistically.


At a Tufts Mountain Club meeting about Peak Weekend. Every October they organize a trip that will put at least one member from the TMC on top of each of the 48 mountains over 4,000 feet in NH. I'll be doing Owls Head, my 46th peak, two more to go. Alums are allowed as long as they keep the creeping to a minimum.


Kind of pissed at wordpress right now because it's not letting me embed picture slideshows into my blog posts. It's 2011 so I'm not sure why this isn't an automatic feature, it's not like it's a novel use of internet technology. Perhaps I'm just computer illiterate.


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One Response to Monday October 3rd – Final Touches On the Guitar

  1. Manhands says:

    Nice Guitar:) It needs strings!

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