Tuesday October 4th – Climbing at MetroRock


Catching a ride to the train station on the way to MetroRock to do some climbing. Bought a Groupon a few months ago for a month-long membership, woot!


Reading "50 Jobs in 50 States" on the train on the way to the rock gym. Great book by a pretty innovative and job-less 20-something, I highly recommend it.


Saw this add on the T. $20 one-way from Boston to Portland, Maine Microbrews on board, 2 hour trip, what's not to like about that?


Arrived at MetroRock, starting off with some bouldering.


Bouldering, many shoutouts came at my ViceFest 2011 T-shirt, go VICE!


New shoes were cramping me up, excellent kicks for climbing though.


Stoked about belaying.


Doing some bouldering in the top-rope area. After 3 hours at the gym I was pretty spent.


Uploading images to my blog around 11pm before crashing for the night.

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One Response to Tuesday October 4th – Climbing at MetroRock

  1. Manhands says:

    Those are some pretty nice looking climbing shoes you got there.

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