Wednesday October 5th – Laundry and Packing for the Weekend


Again, reading "50 Jobs in 50 States" while waiting for the bus after work.


Lounging on the commuter rail reading my book, much more pleasant than driving in traffic.


The Christian Science Center with the Prudential Center in the background. I'm en route to Daddy's Junkie Music to buy some strings for my girlfriend's new guitar so I can finally finish it up.


Hanging out at the laundromat because this is my only "free" night of the week. I typically don't have time on the weekends so one night per week must suffer instead.


Still at the laundromat, cruising on my computer. I found out that my alarm clock app doesn't ring randomly once per hour, it rings randomly a set number of times between two specified times. So theoretically, however improbable, it could ring 10 times in 10 seconds. Just wanted to clarify that it's not once per hour, that would make it look like I spent the whole night at the laundromat, yikes.


Getting my folding on. Do not sit on folding tables.


Making some coffee for the morning via my french press. This was a habit I started during my No-Landfill Month Challenge in August. This coffee was a present from Colorado and it's delicious.

Sorting out my outdoor gear for my 46th peak in NH, Owls Head. Doing it as an overnight with my girlfriend.


Testing out my new camp chair that I bought on for < $10. I plan on tweaking it a bit for use while winter camping in the upcoming season.


Chilling in the mamasan. Yes those are paper snowflakes in the background, and yes they've been there since last winter.

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