Friday October 7th – Weekend Adventure #2 Peak Weekend

Today I had a super unproductive day at work and after three unproductive meetings I decided to take off early to prep for the glory that would be my three day weekend.  My gf and I planned a two-day hiking trip to do Owl’s Head, my 46th out of 48 total mountains over 4000 feet in New Hampshire.  This trip falls on a good weekend as it is the Tufts Mountain Club’s annual Peak Weekend; a weekend where a groups of Tufts students organize themselves to put at least one person on each of the 48 peaks over 4000 feet.  I’ve participated every year since 2007 and this time my gf and I are responsible for doing Owl’s Head which is advantageous because typically no one wants to do it (a long, flat hike without much of a view).  After this weekend I’ll have only Isolation and Carrigan left to do, woot!

I headed out to Tufts for my ride to NH and saw the Tufts Joey pass me by on College Ave (shuttle bus to/from Davis Square and Tufts). It's always tricky to find a ride up north when you don't have a car but I always manage to find one somehow :).


Hanging out with the gf before we get picked up. We have a two day trip planned to hit my 46th peak in NH, beautiful weather forecast too.


A picture of the guitar I refinished for my gf's birthday. The scene was painted on with wood stain by the paintbrush-magician herself, M.C.


Getting some cash for food/beer/Loj fee, in that order.


Combos for the ride up to NH, the snack of champions... or something.


Hydrating in the back seat while being driven up to the Loj with 4 Tufts undergrads, party time.


Scarfing some delicious baked pasta with ricotta and mozzarella courtesy of the two lovely Loj Caretakers.


This is what deliciousness looks like.


Making sure my bag is packed properly for our trip tomorrow. Today only has 9 pictures because I was in bed by 10pm not 11pm as per usual. Excited about my overnight trip on Owls Head Saturday and Sunday.

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