Saturday October 8th – Heading to 13 Falls Campsite

It came to my attention (via my lovely girlfriend Sarah) that my month challenge of taking pictures of my non-work life happened to fall on a period of time where I was trying to finish my 48 peaks.  Therefore, the pictures in this month’s blog might not really be an accurate representation of my life throughout the rest of the year.  I like hiking/climbing a lot but I have a feeling that this month’s blog will make me look like a super crunchy hiking fiend.  As much as I love hiking, it’s more about having a challenging goal that will stretch my limits, figuring out the logistics to accomplish that goal, and then going all-out until the goal is reached.  A professor of mine once said, “It’s not what the goal is, it’s what the goal does” (thanks Jerry Brightman).  In this case my goal was to finish these 48 peaks by my 25th birthday, in my opinion it’ll be a great way to enter the next quarter century of my life.   As a result of this goal, I’ve spent significantly more time with my friends, more time exercising, more time enjoying nature, and less time spending money on less fulfilling activities like beer drinking and other expensive city-life activities.  This goal has brought me on many adventures that may not have happened otherwise.  This weekend’s adventure involves PERFECT WEATHER, 75F and sunny during the day and 50F at night, all with beautiful fall scenery throughout.  You can’t ask for much more than that.  Here are my pictures from Saturday (on the hour, every hour b/c my phone app doesn’t work in the woods #firstworldproblems).

7:00 - Eating some Honey Bunches of Oats and drinking some hot cocoa in front of the new Loj wood stove before getting dropped off at the trail head.

8:00 - On the bridge over the Pemigewasset River at Lincoln Woods.

9:00 - Walking into Franconia Falls, too bad it was a bit too cold to enjoy the natural water slides.

10:00 - Taking a break at Franconia Falls, why not. our first day consisted of 8 miles of mostly flat walking to our campsite. With no time constraints we made a few relaxing breaks.

11:00 - On the trail to 13 Falls Campsite, enjoying probably THE BEST weather I've ever witnessed in NH; 75F, sunny, light breeze, and fall foliage everywhere.

12:00 - We met a lady who counted 76 downed trees on the 1.1 stretch of trail up and down Owls Head. The damage from Hurricane Irene was pretty apparent on this trip. Shortly after this photo we arrived at the campsite.

1:00 - Cooling off the dogs in Lincoln Brook next to the 13 Falls Campsite. The water felt colder than most ice bath's I've taken, refreshing none the less.

2:00 - Posted up our ENO Hammock on the bank of Lincoln Brook. The hammock was a clutch addition to the gear list this weekend considering the nice weather and the fact that we got to the campsite at noon.

3:00 - Time for 1st dinner, this meal consisted of an MRE with Cheese Tortellini, an energy bar, some crackers with chunky peanut butter, apple pie, apple cider, a powdered sports drink, and caffeinated gum, tasted great too.

4:00 - Filling up with some water from the brook.

5:00 - Dinner #2 consisted of a chicken and rice Mountain House meal, also delicious. Spent some time cruising in the hammock playing cards and listening to our campsite neighbor dudes get drunk.

6:00 - Sleepy time with a view from inside the tent. We managed to get almost 12 hours of "sleep". Probably 8 of those hours were solid sleep so I'm ok with that.

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