Tuesday October 11th – Coffee, Beer, Hockey, and Car Sharing

Today after work I was feeling motivated (albiet largely undercaffienated) so I headed to Boston Common Coffee after work.  I had gone there yesterday on Columbus day and decided to give it a 2nd shot.  Definitely scored at A+ again; great coffee, comfy leather couches, and free wifi with no time limit.  All these are crucial characteristics to make a yuppie happy.  I finished my book “50 States in 50 Days” which has taken me longer than normal because I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping on the train instead of reading.  It was a super cool book and I decided to celebrate with a beer once I got back to my apartment.   It was then pointed out to me through my roommate that hockey was on television so I celebrated with another beer (basically just looking for excuses at this point).

Then I logged into my new account with Relay Rides.  This is basically a new rent-by-the-hour car company.  It is almost exactly like Zipcar only the cars are shared peer-peer, i.e. you can rent your neighbor’s car when you need it.  As the car owner, you get a $1,000,000 insurance policy, you can set your own hours and set your own price, all of this is shown on the website.  As the car renter (me) I log in online, type in my zipcode, type in the date/time that I want to rent a car, and the website shows me which cars are available.  Gas is paid for with a gas card in the car (comes out of the car owner’s bank account) and mileage is limited to 160miles/day.  Long story short, I found a convertible Mercedes Benz literally on my street for $8/hour during the week and $12/hour on the weekends.  I’m currently scheming just to take it out for a joyride with a few friends one of these days while the weather is still warm.


Finishing up "50 Jobs in 50 States". Definitely an inspiring read by a super entrepreneurial dude named Daniel.


Took the T to Chinatown to hit up Boston Common Coffee.


A shot from one of the leather couches at Boston Common Coffee. The coffee is great and bags of ground coffee are $12+ which isn't so bad.


Working through some random projects on my laptop while I'm caffienating.


Me being super Yuppie/Emo (self portrait, collard shirt, specialty coffee shop with good feng shui, $3 iced coffee, laptop, and leather couch).


Updating my blog and creating a Facebook page for it. Btw, you should "Like" my blog at the top of this blog post or go here http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Young-Urban-Unprofessional/178102552269773?sk=app_173507912666342 you can also follow me on twitter @youngandurban http://twitter.com/#!/youngandurban


Just finished reading "50 States in 50 Weeks" and celebrating with a Brooklyn Oktoberfest. I'm generally a huge fan of Brooklyn beers but this one was pretty sub par. Still, no complaints though.


This is either my 1st beer because of finishing my book, or my 2nd beer because of watching hockey on t.v. for the first time this season.


Watching hockey on t.v. and checking out the Relay Rides website. Current page is of a Mercedes Benz convertible at $8/hour, sweet 🙂 Definitely go check out this company, sign up for free, and use other people's stuff, it's the best.


Just a picture of my Zipcar and Relay Rides cards. You tap these on the doors of the cars and they unlock for you. Awesome system. We'll see which one I start using more, the peer-peer service with Relay Rides or the service from Zipcar. Zipcar has newer (and probably nicer) cars overall but Relay Rides is cheaper and more community oriented. We'll see.

All in all, I’m excited that the hockey season has started, I’m excited that Oktoberfest beers exist, I’m excited that my birthday is coming, and I’m just generally excited about life.  I’m also well-overcaffienated but I suppose that’s self-inflicted.  Tomorrow night I’ll be out at Tufts for an young alumni entrepreneurial event, stoked to drop some knowledge (or something) on a bunch of eager undergrads.

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5 Responses to Tuesday October 11th – Coffee, Beer, Hockey, and Car Sharing

  1. oh man you’re awesome. Saw that you were reading my book, 50 Jobs in 50 States. Glad you enjoyed it man.

  2. I think you should try to not eat at a chain restaurant for a month

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