Wednesday October 12 – Nutrition on Plaidurday

Today after work I headed to Tufts for a young alumni forum with a few Tufts entrepreneurs and a handful of undergrads.  It was great to see some old friends, make some new friends, and to drop some knowledge on some future successful Tufts students.  After reading 50 Jobs in 50 States I moved onto this Nutrition book I bought after seeing the author give a talk.  Nancy Clark is a Sports Nutritionist and professional badass.  She has worked with a few pro sports team in New England (Red Sox and Celtics), some Division 1 sports teams  in Boston, several olympians, has two of her own practices, and started the all-women gym Healthworks that is exploding in popularity around Boston.  Her book which so far has been filled with great, practical advice for athletes; what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat it, myths, success stories, failure stories, etc.  Definitely recommend it if you feel like nutrition is the missing link in your athleticism (and if you’re like me then it probably is).


Cruisin on the bus on the way home.


A shot of the Boston Trolley Tours. I've done the duck tours but never a trolley tour. Maybe I'll do a Boston month where I just do everything Boston has to offer; tours, sports, free stuff, etc. Sounds like fun to me.


Heading out to Tufts reading my nutrition book on the train. Also, looking like a confused, plaid-wearing emo taking a picture of myself on the train, oh well.


Reading before the Tufts Alumni Panel at 9pm.


Triscuits and hummice, nom nom nom, mostly nutritional 🙂


Getting my white-boy swagger on listening to some Snoop Dogg while I read about nutrition. I know it doesn't make sense, but don't judge.


My phone's random alarm (reminding me to take a picture) went off in the middle of the alumni panel so I looked like an idiot taking a picture of myself. I had to explain myself afterwards so everyone didn't think I was a huge self-absorbed a-hole.


I missed a few pictures due to the Alumni event but figured I'd end the night when I realized that I probably wear too much plaid. In my defense, I was wearing plaid even before the hipsters thought it was cool so I'm ok with it.

The alumni event today (Plaidurday) went great and I’m already planning out my adventure for this coming weekend: Mt Isolation.  I’ll be leaving the plaid at home in favor of techwik and gortex.

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