Thursday October 13th – Happiness and Climbing

Today I headed to the climbing gym after work to climb with Sarah.  I got a few pictures from the gym but missed four alarms while I was climbing so there’s only 6 pictures on this post.  I was initially bummed that I had missed the chance to document my experience but realized that it was probably better that I was focused on my climbing and the safety of my partner.  So missing a few pictures was no big deal.  I spent some of the time reviewing various knots, it’s been a while since I’ve done anything but sport climbing in a gym and I wanted to make sure I was still on my game.  Plus, I plan to do a decent amount of ice climbing this winter so I want to make sure I’m ready.


Doing some light reading on the train. Here's a picture of a Figure Eight Bend, you use it to attach the ends of two ropes together.


Got home from work, threw my climbing stuff and some grub in my backpack and took off for the gym. I bought a monthly membership through Groupon for super cheap so I'm pumped to use it a lot this month.


To get the gym sans car you take the Orange line to Wellington and then call Metrorock and they'll come pick you up and bring you to the gym. It's less than a mile from the train station so it's pretty quick and a lot of people use the service.


This is an example of what happiness looks like. It involves dried fruit, Dysarts apparel, and bouldering. However, I think I spent too much time bouldering because I was uber burnt out when we decided to top-rope.


Doing some abs up on the mezzanine above the bouldering area because my hands/forearms were shot from climbing for a few hours.


All sweaty from the gym and playing Sarah's guitar. It sounds FANTASTIC. Now I just need to bring my own guitar over so we can jam sometime.

Climbing at the gym tonight made it painfully obvious how much stamina you lose in the sport of climbing when you take even a month or two off.  Before October it had been probably 3 months since I had been climbing.  I’ve spent most of this summer hiking and picking off various 4,000 footers with the goal of finishing them by my 25th birthday.  As a result my quads, hamstrings, and cardio are really strong but my rock climbing technique and stamina totally blows.  I assume that by the end of the month I’ll be back to climbing at my previous level.

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