Friday October 14th – Over the Hill and Under the Influence

Friday was excellent.  I got the chance to hang out with a lot of friends and in the process I carb-loaded for the Tufts Alumni 5k by drinking some really good beer.  We went out to dinner and then hit up a homecoming-themed party at my buddy’s new house named, “Over the Hill and Under the Influence” (as an fyi, the Tufts campus is on a hill so it’s currently referred to as “The Hill”).  Just by default you’ll end up with pretty ripped calves after walking up and down it for four years.  Good beer and good friends pretty much sums up the night.  Here are the pictures that go along with it:


Got a ride from a coworker to the train instead of waiting for the bus. The bus isn't bad at all so I never ask people for rides. However, if someone offers I rarely turn it down.


Reading about Nutrition. In the spirit of Halloween I ordered Dracula on Amazon, I'm just waiting for it to come in the mail now. The nutrition book is a great book to read in between other books, not so great for reading cover to cover, the plot isn't really invigorating enough for me 🙂


Pretty crappy picture as I was leaving my apartment. If you've followed me this month you obviously know that I'm not a photographer haha. I definitely plan on keeping my day job. I was going to take a 2nd clearer picture but my friends were giving me crap for stopping to take a photo of myself so I had to hustle up to get them off my case.


We tried to eat at a few places on Boylston Street but they were jam packed because it was around dinner time on a Friday night. So we hit up The Rattlesnake which wasn't very full at all surprisingly.


We found out that the beers we had chosen were actually 9% so we only had a couple and decided to take off for the party. Also I'm wearing my Naked does not equal Consent shirt that I got from Tufts NQR 2009. If you're not familiar with it, just YouTube it, I'm trying to keep my blog relatively PG lol.


Picture of the Rattlesnake as we're heading out for the party.


Funny saying I heard on the radio in Maine one time - "The #1 thing people from Maine say before they die is, 'Hold ma beer, Imma try somethin'".


Repping the Tufts flag in the livingroom and yes our mascot was an elephant named Jumbo, aka The Jumbos.


Hazy photo of a buddy of mine doing a figure four with an ice axe on a climbing pullup board. There's an identical one on the other side of the entryway so there were lots of ice axe pullups done over the course of the night, not uncommon around my group of friends.


Crowd shot, a really stellar group of people. Many are a part of the Vertical Ice Climbing Enthusiasts, a Boston-based winter climbing group consisting mostly of Tufts alumni.


My favorite part about this photo is the person behind me photo-bombing my picture with a raptor claw.

Great nights all too frequently turn into rough mornings and this experience was no exception, although, saturday morning we were all signed up for a 5k to kick off Tufts Homecoming.  Our group of friends has won the costume competition for the past 3 years straight so there’s no way we’re giving up the title now.  Waking up was rough but getting some exercise did wonders for the hangover.

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