Monday October 17th – A Case of the Mondays; Maple Syrup, Blogging, and a Beer

I was rocking a pretty decent calorie deficit from hiking on Sunday so I ate my weight in carbs at work.  Then when I got home I was craving sweets so I added some maple syrup to my tea.  For the record it wasn’t that great, perhaps I had the wrong kind of tea for maple syrup to be a good compliment (jasmine + maple = fail).  Then my roommate came home with some Ipswich beer so obviously I had to sample one.  Probably not a good idea because I could feel a cold coming on.  After several days of 5 hours of sleep plus a few weekends of soggy hiking, I’m kind of surprised I’m not sick already.


Relaxing with some nutrition reading on the commuter rail.


My randomized alarm went off again while I was on the train, this time I'm eating a maple brown sugar granola bar, exciting... or something.


Tried out the tea/maple syrup concoction, didn't pan out like I thought it would. Also, not sure where we acquired this mug, but yes, women are ok.


Doing some updates to my blog, drinking tea, and watching hockey on TV.


Pretty much a mirror image of my roommate who took this photo, he was also drinking tea, watching hockey, and on his macbook surfing the internet. It's almost like we're the same person, if you look at our ID cards you'll believe me, pretty much the same, it's scary.


This is kind of existential. I'm currently commenting on this blog post which is a picture of me commenting on another blog that has a picture of me staring back at me. It's like a house of mirrors, when does it end?!


Ipswich IPA, kind of non-descript, hoppy but that's pretty much it, no major complaints though. I give it a B.


Still doing some blog stuff, yay, less existential this time around.

Stoked for my 25th birthday on Wednesday; all the Facebook wall posts, dinner and presents from Sarah, I can’t wait.  The real party will come this weekend after I claim my 48th 4,000 footer. Woot!

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One Response to Monday October 17th – A Case of the Mondays; Maple Syrup, Blogging, and a Beer

  1. 4th housemate says:

    Dong snowflake sighting, and where’s the worlds greatest dad mug?

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