Sunday October 16th – Mt Isolation, Peak #47 with Keith and Amy

Today we made a 14 mile hike to hit my 47th peak, Mt Isolation.  As it’s name indicates, its kind of out of the way and it takes a while to hike it.  The trail was fairly washed out due to the uncharacteristic amount of rain in NH this season.  So there were 10+ river crossings and mostly flooded trails so it was a soggy day.  It was also fairly cold (below 50F) so we changed out our wet socks about halfway through in an attempt to not get hypothermia from wet clothes in 40F and windy weather.  Here are the pictures for today’s hike:

8:00 - Checking out the map real quick before heading out for the hike.

9:00 - The requisite pre-hike photo in case we are never seen again. Then if someone miraculously discovers our camera they'll have the last image of us 🙂

10:00 - A shot of the wilderness at the beginning of the trail. Most of the elevation was taken care of within the first 3 miles, so it made the next 4 pretty easy-going elevation-wise, not so much river-crossing-wise.

11:00 - The trail was pretty soggy due to the volume of rain we've had in the past week/month but we managed just fine. Amy managed to not fall in the water at all while Keith and I had one pretty good slip each.

12:00 - Keith making a technical maneuver across the stream. It was pretty uncrossable without taking our boots off so we found a tree to shimmy across on. In total we did 10 river crossings, 12 if you count the time we messed up and crossed for no reason, bummer.

1:00 - Still on the way up to the peak, less than a mile to go when this picture was taken.

2:00 - On peak #47! You can see the Presidentials in the background with Mt. Washington in the clouds as per usual. Isolation gets a really bad rap but it actually has one of the best summit views I've seen in the White Mountains. Pretty much a 360 degree panorama with the prezzies, owls head, hancocks, etc. Basically a fantastic view, it just takes 7 miles to get it.

3:00 - On the way down from the summit. 7 miles down, 7 miles to go.

4:00 - Getting some stream crossing beta from the hikers in front of us. Believe it or not I met this couple last weekend on Owl's Head. The girl just finished her 48 peaks today with Isolation as her last one, awesome. She seemed kind of burnt out and not too enthusiastic about it. It seemed more like she was doing it to get it done and to check the box. I plan on celebrating a little more than simply tagging a summit and heading out.

5:00 - More stream crossings, seemed to be the story of the day.

6:00 - On the way out, 13 or so miles into the day.

7:00 - Kind of a crappy photo, but the important point was that we finished around 7:00 and headed to the Woodstock Inn for a beer and some real food.

8:00 - Me driving to Woodstock Inn, trying to give Keith a break for a while because as the mountain's name indicates, the mountain is fairly "isolated" from civilization.

9:00 - Enjoying a bison burger and a Red Rack Ale from the Woodstock Inn before our trip back home. The photo was taken via Amy's iPhone because my camera and phone were both dead.

There should be two or three more pictures from today but not only did both my camera and my phone die before 8pm, I also passed out the whole ride home from NH.  I’m lucky to have so many friends who are interested in hiking these peaks with me, without them I would be shit out of luck because I don’t have a car.  When I made the goal of finishing my peaks by my 25th birthday I had thought that there would be at least a few weekends where I’d have to rent a car due to not being able to find a ride.  So far it hasn’t been a problem, so thanks to all my friends for dragging my car-less arse around the state of NH to help me finish my peaks.  Finally managed to get to bed around 1am for 5 hours of sleep before heading to work.  Sore and tired on a Monday morning from a 14 mile hike the day before, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Only one left: Mt. Carrigain, #48 I’m coming to get you…

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