Tuesday October 18th – Half Day at Work, Sleeping, Laundry, and More Sleeping

It turns out that I was right.  I was indeed coming down with a cold.  I’ve spent many nights in a row getting 5 hours of sleep, many weekends in a row hiking through cold streams, all my coworkers are sick, both my roommates are sick, AND I ride public transit every day.  Therefore, I was a ticking time bomb just waiting to (explode) get sick.  I went to work today despite feeling like crap but quickly realized that I was going to be pretty useless at work, not to mention I was infecting everything I touched so I decided to go home just before lunch and pass out.  Luckily I got to stop by the farmer’s market downtown before heading back to my apartment.  Got lots of fresh fruits/veggies/whoopie pies (yes multiple whoopie pies).  Then I passed out for a few hours, did some laundry, and passed out again.


This is what I saw when my randomized alarm woke me up at 5:17, I was super pissed to get out of my bed but I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight if I didn't get up then.


Cruisin my laptop at the laundromat. Clean clothing was getting to a dangerously low level so I figured being sick was a good excuse to do laundry. Is that wrong? Nah.


Still at the laundromat, party on my laptop and partly listening to the extraordinarily trashy talkshow on the television.


Learning about the levels of carbs in various breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. A common misconception is that carbs are fattening, not true, excess calories are fattening, carbs are for energy and performance. It's apparently a very long and energy intensive process for carbs to turn into fat.


A view of my laundry (hockey) bag on the way back from the laundromat.


It was actually pretty cold in the apartment so I broke out my wolf sweatshirt "Leader of the Wolf Pack" that my older brother got me for xmas last year. Nice work older bro, good taste.


Walkin outside at night, not terribly interesting.


Creeping at the Tufts campus center.

Definitely felt like crap today, just lot’s of congestion and sinus pressure.  I ended up going to bed around 9pm after a 3 hour nap from 2-5pm today.  Sleep and fluids, it works for me every time.  However, I also felt like crap the next day (my birthday) so I stayed home from work then as well.  I just have to make sure that I can get better before my hike this weekend.

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One Response to Tuesday October 18th – Half Day at Work, Sleeping, Laundry, and More Sleeping

  1. June Russell says:

    Aaah, hope you get better fast Michael. Better downgrade the hiking this weekend.

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