Thursday October 20th – After Work Workout and OUTDOOR GEAR

I felt pretty energized after work so I stayed a bit later in order to work out.  The lab I work in has a set of free weights and other various exercise equipment so I am super lucky to avoid paying for gym memberships which can be more than $80/month in the city.  If I don’t work out before work or during lunch then I will usually exercise after work and get home around 7:30pm.  This time of year it is already dark at that time.  Soon enough it’ll be dark when I leave home for work and also dark when I get home from work, regardless of whether or not I work out.  I’ve got to find a way to work outside or something, not exactly an easy thing to do in New England winters.  Perhaps I’d settle for a job where I have a window to the outside or maybe even a projector on the wall with a scene of the outside (I work in a windowless basement, the people are great but the lack of windows is not).  Anyway, I digress, here are my pictures for Thursday:


Getting my swole on in the gym. This time I'm doing a Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps routine from P90X. I did P90X once all the way through and since then I've sprinkled a few of the better workouts into my weekly routine. There's some good workouts in there but I wouldn't recommend paying the $100 for the DVD set.


Waiting for the train as the sun is going down.


Reading on the train. I had a coworker of mine who I ride the train with take this picture.


I stopped at North Station after work to go to Hilton's Tent City, an amazing outdoor sports store which is part new gear and part consignment. Had to pick up some miscellaneous pieces of gear for a project I'm working on.


Just got the book Dracula in the mail. In the spirit of Halloween I thought it'd be an appropriate choice. I'm getting kind of tired of reading about nutrition, plus I've always wanted to read this book so it's good timing.


Writing up my birthday blog post while watching the Bruins on TV.


My random phone alarm went off while I was shaving. Also, on the back of my phone that's a QR code that when scanned will take you to my blog. QR codes are great, I have one on my resume and business card that links to my Profile. The QR code to my blog on my phone is convenient because when I'm talking to someone I can direct them straight to my blog on the spot. If you don't have a QR scanner on your smart phone, go download one, they're free.


Gear sprawl on the floor of my room. Getting things organized for my 48th peak this weekend.


Gchatting with Sarah (being shy) in between watching a few TED talks on my computer. I was watching a few videos that fit nicely with my 30-Day Challenge for November I'll reveal what it is later on this month.

Tomorrow I head up north yet again for another 4,000 footer.  I’ve been to New Hampshire every weekend for the past six weekends.  I’m excited to accomplish this goal but I’m also excited to do something on the weekends besides hiking.  It’ll be a welcomed change of pace to maybe stick around Boston for a weekend or two.  I’m heading to NYC in a few weeks to watch my roommate and another friend run the NYC Marathon so that should be a good time.  Can’t wait for growlers, burritos, nachos, the Loj, good company, and crushing my last 4,000 footer.

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