Friday October 21st – Heading to Base Camp at the Loj

Today I headed out to my buddy’s house for a lift up to NH.  I have three friends who are all finishing their 48th 4,000 footer this weekend.  One via the Franconia Ridge and one via the northern and southern Presidential Range.  Myself, I’ll be doing Carrigain with Sarah, Dan, and Scuba Steve.  The weather looks pretty decent; 50F-ish, foggy summits, and maybe some flurries.  We probably won’t have a great view from the top but I wouldn’t expect anything but bizzare weather from the White Mountains.


A picture of my backpack on the train while I'm talking to one of the Northeastern Co-op students who works at my company. Largely an uninteresting picture, sorry.


Heading out the door of my apartment to my buddy's house for a ride to NH.


Walking to the train. There wasn't anything great to take a picture of so I snapped one of what I was carrying; Dracula and my Mountain Hardwear Lamina 35F sleeping bag.


Eating a burrito in my buddy's brand new car on the way up to NH. I was informed that if I spilled anything on the new car that I was dead 🙂


Enjoying some tunes on the two hour drive up north.


This is me holding the E-Z Pass for the Toll Booth. What a brilliant invention. Everyone has to pay tolls on the highway, so why not create a business around capitalizing off something that everyone has to do anyway. Brilliant.


Still on the drive up north, this time I'm hydrating.


K-Rizz looking stylish with a growler of Woodstock Inn Beer. She finished her 48th peak on her 48th mile of hiking this week. Did Owls Head today (Friday) and is doing the Franconias tomorrow to finish up, baller. Also, she's got a sweet blog of siimilar 30-day-ish challenges along with other assorted mountainous and athletic shenanigans, check it out


PB&J's and granola bars for the hike tomorrow. Not shown is the burrito, whoopie pie, and growler of Pemi Pale Ale from the Woodstock Inn that I'll be bringing with me tomorrow.


Jed is also finishing his 48th peak this weekend; the southern prezzies on Saturday and the northern prezzies on Sunday. Here he is brushing his teeth before heading to bed. Dental hygiene is not required for finishing your 4,000 footers, but it's very important.

I managed to get 5.5 hours of sleep before getting up at 6am to start the day.  I think my group of friends are the only people I know who actually get less sleep on the weekends than during the week.  Most people I talk to about their weekends they talk about staying up late partying, sleeping in all day, hanging out, and maybe going out to dinner.  We stay up late partying, wake up 5 hours later, go physically exert ourselves for 8-10 hours, and then wash-rinse-and-repeat.  Super pumped for Carrigain tomorrow.

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