Monday October 24th – Climbing at MetroRock and the MassChallenge After Party

Tonight was probably one of my best 5-9 experiences throughout this month.  I headed to MetroRock to do some climbing after work which by itself was awesome.  Then on my way home I got a call from Sarah who was at the MassChallenge awards ceremony and on her way to the after-party at the MassChallenge headquarters in the Seaport, or more recently known as the Boston Innovation District.  Luckily I still had my work clothes with me, so I changed out of my climbing gear while on the Silver Line bus (sketchy but I was the only person on the bus so oh well).  Then we celebrated with a bunch of entrepreneurs via open bar, matches of pool, lots of cake, and dancing.  Entrepreneurs definitely know how to party that’s for sure.  We had a blast hanging out with so many high powered innovators.  Plus we met some quebecois folks and spent some time chatting with them en francais.  What an unexpected turn of events for a Monday evening.  I wish all Monday evenings were this much fun.


Chilling out waiting for the train after work, heading out to the climbing gym.


Reading Dracula... across the isle from Dracula?


Heading out to Wellington to climb at MetroRock.


Sent a V3 in the cave, felt pretty good about myself, it was probably a soft V3 anyway though 🙂


I was at the gym for a few hours but my phone alarm only went off once. Then it went off again while I was entering the Wellington T Station on my way home, a largely uninteresting point in my night. HOWEVER, here I got the call from Sarah to come join her at the MassChallenge after party, bonus!


Taking a really roundabout way to get to the Seaport where MassChallenge is. Totally worth it though for the free Harpoon beer. MC really knows how to throw down for its entrepreneurs.


The view of Boston from outside MassChallenge which is technical located in what is now called "The Boston Innovation District".


Sarah and I partying it up on a Monday night with a bunch of entrepreneurs. Tonight MassChallenge gave out $1Million in cash to the top companies from their startup competition so the atmosphere there was incredible.


Enjoying some MassChallenge cake. They had 125 companies go through a 3 month incubator at their headquarters in the Innovation District and the top 10 companies split $1Million. Awesome.


Pretty decent view of the financial district of Boston from a conference room at MassChallenge. Not a bad place to work, I could probably put up with this view.

Being in the presence of so many startups tonight was invigorating.  If only I could somehow harness the excitement and bring it with me to my 9-5 job.  Tomorrow I’m at a workshop all day which should be largely uninteresting except for the fact I’m giving a presentation in front of 20 people who make roughly double my salary.  My talk is about some research I’ve done that says how we should get rid of all of them and flatten the hierarchy so we can more effectively do our jobs.  We’ll see if I can do it tactfully or else I might be out of a job 🙂

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6 Responses to Monday October 24th – Climbing at MetroRock and the MassChallenge After Party

  1. June says:

    You and Sarah are a good lookin’ couple

  2. Bennett Chabot says:

    Maybe being out of a job would lead to more funded/launched/IPO’d startup parties and a 9-5 that looks more like your 5-9. Necessity is, after all, the mother of awesome.

  3. Michele says:

    Ha! My little late friend Sarah! Tell her Michele says hello !!

  4. Sarah says:

    Hello Michele with one L! Hope you had a good night!

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