Sunday October 23rd – The (Anti-Climactic) Aftermath

After the dust settled on the next day, activities included eating a gargantuan meal at Tilton Diner, paying off some school loans at home, a nap, more food, a bit of indoor biking to test out my bike trainer, and cookies/pie from my roommate’s mom 🙂 all-in-all it was a good Sunday.

9:00 - Nothing like reading some Dracula over breakfast, for some reason reading about vampires makes me hungry. Generally just moving pretty slow and helping to clean up the Loj here and there.

10:00 - Heading down I-93 to Tilton Diner for breakfast and "eyeballing" epic amounts of coffee. If you don't know what eyeballing is, just youtube it for a video demonstration. I wasn't sure I had a ride home until this morning. However, getting stuck in NH for the weekend wouldn't have been the worst thing ever.

11:00 - Had a massive breakfaast; 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 sausage, homefries, toast, and coffee, all for like $7.

12:00 - Back on I-93 heading back to Bean Town.

1:00 - Back at the apartment looking at college loan stuff to make sure I'm not defaulting on any of my loans. Also, I cut the last check to finally pay off one of my smaller but high interest loans, thank god. Still have thousands of dollars to go but it's nice to check one off the list.

2:00 - I set up my bike and bike trainer in the living room. I was feeling motivated to do some exercise, just didn't want to go outside 🙂

(I spent a few hours napping and then missed an alarm for a photo so I’m a few short today, my bad, but I don’t really feel THAT bad)

7:00 - Cooking rice, broccoli and chourico for dinner/lunch.

8:00 - Graham brought food back from home; loaf of homemade bread, an apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate cookies with marshmallow and chocolate icing. Basically I told him he should go home every weekend from now on.

I managed to crawl into bed around 9:00 and P.T.F.O., I was caught in a dilemma between exhaustion and not wanting work on Monday to come any faster than it needed to, but sleep won this time.

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