Tuesday October 25th – Books, Biking, and Blogging

In my experience I’ve found that great Monday nights usually turn into to pretty mediocre Tuesdays at work.  Work was lame for most of the day and after leaving work I was pretty tired so I decided to stay in to do some reading, blogging, exercising, and prepping for my presentation at work tomorrow morning.  Neither of my roommates were around so it was a pretty quiet evening and a great chance to recover from the epic-ness of the past four days.


Chilling on the train reading Dracula.


A picture of a bike rack in the train station. Often times people just leave them here and they get ruined due to either the cramming of too many bikes on the rack or people stealing the tires/seats. It'd be much better if there were multiple bike racks so they didn't have to be crammed like this.


Trying to get the motivation to exercise on my bike trainer.


I decided to write a blog post instead of biking.


Ok I decided to bike for a half hour or so while watching the movie K2 from 1991. It's a mountaineering movie with lots of neon, so basically it's an amazing film.


My half hour bike ride turned into an hour pretty easily due to watching K2. This is the point in the movie where they reach the summit (also the point just before they almost fall to their deaths).


A sneak peak as to what will likely be my 30-Day Challenge in November; the 100 Item Challenge. It's gained a cult following over the past few years. Intrigued, I read the guy's blog and decided to buy his book to see what all the hype was about.


At this point in the evening I was on my work computer rehearsing a presentation for tomorrow. I would probably be fired if I put an image of it on the internet so in my instinct for self-preservation I opted for the word document notice instead.


Salivating over one of my buddy's facebook albums of our trip to Katahdin last winter. We're thinking of doing it again this year; 3 teams of 2-3 guys with 2 groups doing technical ice climbs and the other group (me) doing a traverse from Hamlin Peak to Baxter Peak, across Knife's Edge to Pamola Peak and back down to Chimney Pond. Last year we did an up and back to Baxter Peak via cathedral.


Ironing some clothes for my presentation at work tomorrow. I probably use this iron less than five times/year. I'm lucky that I don't have to dress super nice for my job, however, for this presentation I should at least look like I didn't just get out of bed.

I went to bed relatively early (before 11pm) because I had to be up at 5:45am in order to get myself out to this conference center way out on the commuter rail for my presentation.  A few people offered me rides but honestly I’d rather just spend some time on the train for an hour to ease myself into the day.  Plus I wanted some time in the morning to go over my presentation to keep it fresh in my mind.


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