Thursday October 27th – Saving My Worms, Whiskey, and Microsoft Excel

Tonight was a pretty successful yet probably uneventful evening.  I had to troubleshoot my vermiculture composting bin because my worms were freaking out trying to crawl out of the bin.  So I did some research and figured out how to fix the solution.  I’ll find out in a week or so whether or not what I did will work.  Then I spent some time doing a few logistical things with my blog.  I updated the Facebook page I created a few weeks ago and then came up with an excel spreadsheet that will help me analyze my photo-blog challenge this month.  As evidenced in the quality of my photos this month, my point with this challenge was not to be artistic, it was to take a look at my lifestyle through random photos (10 or so every day at randomized time points).  So like a good engineer I’m going to do a bit of analysis afterward to look at trends and whatnot.


Self explanatory; reading Dracula on the train.


When I went to put my week's food scraps in my compost I saw that my worms were buggin' out and trying to crawl out of the bin. I did some research online and realized that my bin was probably too wet, so I added some dry newspaper bedding to help absorb the moisture. I'll check it again next week to see if it's less moist and if my worms are happy again.


I read online that your bedding should take up 3/4 of your bin. I was putting minimal bedding in assuming that the worms would be happy playing in the composted material in the bottom, but apparently they hang out in the bedding area. So I filled the bin about half-full with dry newspaper pieces (to help absorb excess moisture). I'll check next week to see if anything has changed.


Checking out my Blog's Facebook Page. When I upload a blog post it is automatically Tweeted (@youngandurban) and my Twitter feed is embedded in my Facebook page. This way now people besides my friends on Facebook and my Twitter followers can follow my updates. Like me on Facebook! and follow me on Twitter @youngandurban


More Twitter stuff on Facebook. If anyone knows how to make my twitter feed my landing page for my Facebook page, please let me know, that'd be great, thanks.


Devising a way to analyze my randomized photo blog. I'm basically counting up how many pictures I took throughout the month and then categorizing them; inside, outside, with friends, in transit, physical exertion, etc. This will help me to "calculate" how I am spending my time and thus what is important to me. Is this how I want to be spending my days as a freshly new 25 year old? Less working and more playing outside maybe.


Watching the Bruins lose horribly in a crappy game instead of watching game 6 of the baseball world series. I don't know how we messed that one up, I guess we were just over-stoked for the hockey season. The baseball game was apparently unreal, walk-off homerun in the 13th inning, bummed I missed it.


Enjoying some Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Burbon Whiskey while coming up with a good excel sheet to analyze the content of my photo blog.

I’ll find out in a week or so whether or not my solution of adding dry paper scraps to my compost will help to dry it out a bit.  Also, I’m going some time over the next few days going through my month’s pictures and plugging info into the excel spreadsheet that I made; am I inside/outside, with/without friends, being physically/intellectually stimulated, etc.  I’m interested to see how it turns out.  I’m excited for Halloween weekend, lots of time with good people, hopefully a few adventures, and most importantly it’ll be the first weekend in a longggg time that I haven’t been in NH hiking.  So I’m looking forward to hanging out in Boston for once instead of being out in the woods every weekend (although I much prefer the latter).

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