Wednesday October 26th – Door to Door Service with Burritos and Dental Hygiene

Today I gave a presentation at a conference for work.  It was pretty far out in Boston suburbia so I had to take the commuter rail for almost an hour to get there.  Then I took a $17 cab for less than 2 miles, wtf?!  So on the way back from the conference I secured a ride with someone to the train station.  Then just as I was leaving I found out that two of the consultants that work with our company live in downtown Boston and had carpooled.  So they offered me a ride and I got home super quick without any hassle.  Door to door service, gotta love it.  They said how they really enjoyed my presentation and that if I was ever looking into the business consulting field to give them a call, awesome compliment.  Then when I got home I did some blog stuff, some guitar stuff, and some teeth brushing.  So basically this evening was full of exciting material worth blogging about (NOT).


Getting a ride back from the conference center with two of the consultants my company hired. They both live downtown so they offered to give me a ride instead of having to take the train. Everyone at the conference was super impressed that I take public transit 100%, they didn't see how it was possible. It is indeed possible, just have to adjust your lifestyle a bit and put up having a variable schedule.


Picture of my blazer that I wore during my presentation. The dress was "casual" but as a general rule of thumb it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed.


Got Boloco for dinner and spent some time uploading a few blog posts. Yay for free wifi.


I love Boloco, not necessarily because they make a good burrito (Anna's is way better), but I like them because everything that comes off of their counter can either be composted or recycled, brilliant. More companies should operate like Boloco.


More blog stuff, burrito gone.


On the Green Line T reading Dracula, chapter 9 to be exact. I'm getting excited for Halloween. I'm doing a 10k run Saturday and then going to various costume parties throughout the weekend. Reading Dracula has definitely put me in the mood for Halloween.


Just me admiring the guitar I refinished, I can't get over how great it sounds. It's got a very full yet bright sound to it, it resonantes well too.


Brushing your teeth is like taking out the recycling, it's not part of "business time", but it's important to do (A botched Flight of the Concords Reference).

I meant to go out tonight to acquire the materials for my Halloween costume.  In light of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal, I decided to be Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell for Halloween.  I’ll be cutting camo pants into short shorts (probably with the pockets showing), wearing an army t-shirt with boots and a camo scarf.  I think that’ll convey the point well enough.  Also I think I’ll put a large “x” through both of the “Don’ts” to drive the point home.  Also we’ll be in Salem on Saturday for a 10k so I’m excited to experience the infamy that is Salem (Salem Witch Trials anybody?).

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One Response to Wednesday October 26th – Door to Door Service with Burritos and Dental Hygiene

  1. +1 for Anna’s burritos being awesome.

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