Sunday October 30th – Another Guitar Project and Other Assorted Errands

With the help of my buddy Tony I managed to close out one of my guitar building projects.  I built an electric guitar last year but I put a pretty mediocre bridge on it.  So sometime last year I bought a really nice one on Craigslist but I’ve been extremely slow at actually replacing it.  TODAY I was finally able to get my act together and install the new bridge (a Gotoh-Wilkinson Tremolo if you’re interested).  Then I made a trip to REI, the Verizon store, Sarah’s place, and finally back to my own place to crash after a weekend well-adventured.

Eating breakfast whilst gazing at the wolf poster I got for my birthday, my brother picked it up for me at the free section at the local dump. Thanks dude, it now hangs proudly in my living room.

Tony waking up with a cup of coffee. I'd say his cup fits his personality pretty well.

Tony helped me install the new bridge for my electric guitar. I've had this project on the back-burner for months when it only takes about 1/2 hour to do. I suppose I was nervous about drilling into my baby and messing things up.

Here is the bridge fully installed. I still have to fix the action of the strings before it is playable, but damn it does look good.

I headed to REI with one of my roommates to buy a 2nd bike rack as we now have more bikes than people in the apartment (5 bikes for 3 people). Time to maximize vertical storage because things are getting out of hand. They didn't have the bike rack we wanted so we ordered it right from the store. Fun Fact: If you go to an REI and order an item from there, the shipping to the store is free for any item and the shipping is free to your house/apt if the item is >$50. Sweet deal.

At the Fenway T-stop waiting for the train back into town.

My android phone has been on the fritz since its last update, not allowing me to make phone calls or send/receive text messages. So the Verizon store installed a patch to fix it. Thanks guys!

A picture of the Boston Common as I head into the T Station.

Stopping by EMS in Harvard Square to get a new squishy camping bowl because I lent my bowl out to someone and they lost it, bummer but they're paying me back for it.

Blowing my nose alongside Sarah. We're both pretty sick but she's definitely got it worse. The only difference between us is that she'll sleep for 20 hours and be better and I'll sleep for 6.5 hours and still be sick. For whatever reason I just can't sleep when the sun is up. I blame it on 3 years of ice hockey practice every day before school.

THERE IS SNOW ON THAT CAR AND IT'S NOT EVEN HALLOWEEN YET?!?! (this is me being excited not offended).

Hanging out at Mike's grabbing a few slices of pizza on my way back into Boston for the night.

Doing some blog shiznit at home before I pass out for the night. I'm super tired and pretty sick so getting to bed before 10:30 was really nice.

It’s kind of bizarre to think that this is the 2nd to last day of this month’s challenge.  I’m excited to wrap it up tomorrow and analyze my non-work lifestyle.  I feel like it was a pretty accurate representation of my daily life; a good mix of outdoorsy stuff, physical fitness, taking public transit, and hanging out with friends on a daily basis.  Tomorrow night should be relatively uneventful because I’ll be trying to wrap up my blog posts for the month and also trying to get things cranking on my next month’s challenge; The 100 Item Challenge.

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One Response to Sunday October 30th – Another Guitar Project and Other Assorted Errands

  1. Too bad they don’t sell squishy bowls at REI or bike racks at EMS 😉

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