Craigslist and Computer Wiping

Most of the things I don’t need or don’t use I’ve found a way to donate or to give to friends/family.  However there are a few things that definitely have value and don’t really fit the “donation” category.  These things have gone onto Craigslist.  I put up some bike pedals on Craigslist for free the other day and someone came over within the hour to pick them up, awesome!  Then I put my Wah Pedal, two electric guitar cables, and a capo for $50 on Craigslist.  Someone came over two days later and gave me the $50 without even trying to haggle me down, awesome!


This is my Cry Baby Wah, two cables, and a capo. I bought the Cry Baby years ago because it was (and still is) awesome. However, I don't use it and I don't need it. I've also acquired many cables over the years so I included them as well. The capo I hardly ever use. I don't really sing when I play so I haven't found much use for it.

I’m still trying to sell my desk and computer chair.  I posted them on Craigslist as well as on the front door of my apartment building.  My two 87 year old landlords went nuts on me (as they do to everyone) and made me take it down.  I refuse to throw anything out so if I can’t get rid of these items before the end of the month then I’ll continue to post them online until they’re gone.  I’m quickly finding out that the 30-day time frame is pretty short to get rid of all this stuff.  I’ve had to move mostly at warp speed in order to categorize my belongings, assess what I need and don’t need, and get rid of the excess in an eco-friendly way, mostly by donating or upcycling.


In addition to my online post, here's my old-school, low-tech ad for my computer chair and desk. The landlords, as always, found a way to yell at us, oh well.

This weekend I tried to learn how to wipe my old laptops so that I could donate them.  It turns out that it’s far less trivial than I imagined.  I was originally just going to donate them as-is but a buddy of mine who studies cyber-security told me “no effing way”.  Even if you delete your info, it’s still there and any competent computer nerd could get at your bank info, photos, address info, family info, etc.  So I figured I’d wipe them myself.


Wiping my computers of all the data while at Boston Common Cafe enjoying a large cup of coffee. Talked to a couple of people about my blog which started as a conversation about why I was cruising on 3 laptops. They're now following me on Twitter, sweet (@youngandurban).

I still haven’t got the laptop situation worked out yet but it’s better that I take my time with this step because I don’t want any personally identifiable information on these machines when they leave my hands.  I still have a few items I’m trying to get rid of through Craigslist as well as a bunch of stuff I’ll just throw up there for free. Here are two of my for-sale postings:

Computer Chair and Desk (make me an offer and they’re basically yours)

Ukulele Made (and purchased) in Honolulu, Hawaii ($150 is pretty firm, it’s a beautiful instrument I just don’t give it nearly as much love as it needs)

My time is closing in on me so I’ve got to hustle if I really want to get down to 100 items.  Wish me luck.

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One Response to Craigslist and Computer Wiping

  1. I managed to find a good resource to donate my computers, the Tufts University Center for Engineering Education Outreach. Here is a good resource from the US EPA if you want to donate any of your old computers or electronics.

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