I would like to start this post by telling you about my new favorite drink.  It’s called the Apple Jack which consists of 100% pure Apple Cider and 100% pure Jack Daniels.  Enough of that, now for the 100 Item Challenge over Thanksgiving.

I headed to Colorado with Sarah for Thanksgiving this year, my 2nd time ever in this glorious state.  Packing for this trip was actually very interesting/simple.  As always I put off packing until the night before my trip and due to my 100 item challenge it really took me about five minutes to get my life together.  I looked at the stack of t-shirts in my closet and realized I had only five t-shirts.  The decision was easy: I took two of them at random along with 2/3 of my pants (1 khaki and 1 corduroy), and a couple collared shirts.  I had also planned to do some outdoorsy stuff during my trip so I brought some hiking gear.


The Rocky Mountains say Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


Waiting for my ride at the airport with all my stuff packed into my 24L Osprey. Including what I was wearing I brought 30 items with me on the trip for four days.

I could have gone WAY more minimal, but in an effort to not look like a scrub all weekend, I decided to bring more than I needed just in case.  I took 30 items with me on the trip, it would have been 31 items had the TSA agents hadn’t found my swiss army knife (hobo tool for those who are familiar) in my backpack (thanks to Sarah for tagging me in a facebook post in real time as the event was unfolding).  The hobo tool has a spoon, knife, bottle opener, and knife which are all fantastic for hiking trips.  The TSA agents were very impressed because they had never see anything like it so I took a few minutes to explain to them how it worked while 2 or 3 others came over to check it out (yay for teaching something to a TSA agent).  I opted to leave the security area and mail it home which cost me $10!  It was worth it though because I love that hobo tool; Kabar makes some high quality stuff.

Here’s my packing list broken out into categories; clothing, hiking/sports, crossover (both hiking and/or regular use), and other.

Clothing Running/Hiking Crossover Other
Underwear Running Shorts Osprey 24L Backpack Journal from 9th Grade
Socks Techwick Shirt Nalgene Novel
Pants – Corderoy Running Shoes Thermos iPod
Pants – Khaki Shell Pants Hiking Boots Cell Phone
Belt Wool Hat Wallet
Collared Shirt Polyester Collared Shirt Watch
Flannel Shirt Liner Gloves
T-shirt Rain Jacket
T-shirt Sun Glasses
Underarmour Fleece
Marmot Down Jacket

I brought 30 total items with me on the trip which includes the 8 items that I generally have on all the time: underwear, socks, pants, belt, shirt, watch, wallet, and phone.  So that comes out to 22 items that I need to carry around in a backpack.  Interestingly, the largest category was crossover items which means that many of my clothes and other items are multifunctional, i.e. my underarmour fleece I use both for daily use and for athletic activities.  I had 9 items that were strictly clothing, 4 items that were strictly for running/hiking, 11 items that crossed over between hiking and regular use, and 6 items in the “other” category.

I could have taken many other items on the trip with me such as snowshoes, mountaineering boots, crampons, etc but I coordinated with a friend of mine in Colorado to borrow gear in case we decided to do some adventuring.   This would have required me to check a bag.  Instead I have good friends who are willing to hook me up.  Especially in the outdoor gear world, it can be very expensive to rent or buy gear for various trips so many of my friends and I are constantly lending and borrowing gear.  Thanks to NickNack for being a great guide during our trip 🙂

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4 Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. Uncle Pete says:

    Your 9th grade journal?!

    • Yeah haha, when I was back home I cleared out all of my old stuff (notebooks from high school and college, clothes, trophies, etc). I came across a bunch of old journals so I brought them to Boston and I’ve been reading through them. I found a note in the margins of one of them that talked about how cool it would be to do 30day challenges just to see what happened. 10 years later that’s what I’m doing, cool 🙂

  2. Nick Nak says:

    Thank You and your lady for being GREAT friends!

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