Sunday Funday

I ate some hearty oatmeal (Trader Joes Rolled Oats) for breakfast that was actually very good. I usually eat instant oatmeal because I’m lazy but today I made “the good stuff” and was pretty satisfied with it.  With a little bit of brown sugar and a glass of orange juice it really hit the spot.  I had an after-breakfast snack of granny smith apple slices with cabot cheddar cheese, definitely a great snack.  Vermont cheese is the bomb, although it’s not the same level of epicness as Vermont maple syrup but it serves a different purpose so whatever.

For lunch I went to TrueGrounds in Ball Square near Davis Square on the Red Line.  It’s one of my favorite spots in greater Boston because of their jet-fuel-strength coffee, their excellent sandwiches, and their obvious efforts toward being sustainable.  They have three waste bins; compost, recycle, and trash, and each bin has a sign describing examples of what you can put in each bin, good job, my no-landfill habits thank you.  Until today I had never had one of their veggie sandwiches so of course I had one.  I had the “Cedar” which consisted of:

Homemade Hummus




Granny smith apples

Pepperjack bread.

The sandwich was good but I probably could have eaten 12 of them, it didn’t really fill me up.   The Granny Smith Apples were a good addition though.  I have a pretty big appetite almost all of the time so I was hungry again within the hour. Typically I’d have meat in a sandwich like that so only having the veggies left my stomach wanting.  So when I got home I had a bagel with peanut butter.  Then, after doing some exercise on my bike I scarfed down some english muffin pizzas with Trader Joes Pizza Sauce and Feta Cheese and called it a day.

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