Bean Salad Wrap = Vom-City

Before this month started I made a switch from Au Bon Pain to Cosi for my on-the-run breakfast choices.  I only go through South Station once every few weeks but I’m generally in a rush to get out of my apartment and catch the train.  I’ve found Cosi to be way tastier/friendlier and marginally more expensive (less than a dollar increase for something more awesome).  I definitely recommend it, lots of good vegetarian options on their menu (not that Au Bon Pain doesn’t, but it’s just of higher quality).


A snapshot of Cosi in South Station. I highly recommend getting one of their breakfast sandwiches on their Squagles (read: square bagels, novel, I know)


Whole wheat squagle with scrambeled eggs, spinach, and cheddar. AWESOME.\

Lunch however was a different story.  I was too lazy to make lunch ahead of time (even though I know the ramifications of that choice) so I had to get lunch at the work cafeteria.  As a meat-eater the cafeteria is pretty sub-par but all in all it’s “reasonable” because you can just opt for the turkey wrap with cheese and veggies, it’s hard to get that wrong or to make that unhealthy.  For a vegetarian however, it’s a total disaster.  Many days they have zero vegetarian options, today was one of those days.  I decided to go with a wrap and put as much veggy-ness as I could inside of it.


My veggie wrap consisting of lettuce, tomatoes, jalepenos, onions, and some type of bean salad nonsense with french fries on the side.

The wrap sounds reasonable enough but at the time I didn’t realize it’d launch me into three days of nausea.  I’m not sure if it was this sandwich, my diet in general, or something else, but the nausea started after I ate the first half of this sandwich.  I finished the fries and threw the rest of the sandwich away.  My no-landfill challenge would be pissed but I didn’t even want to feed it to my worms in the compost, it was pretty bad.  That night I wasn’t feeling well so I only had some triscuits and hummus.

I’ve also been working out much less.  Generally do some type of exercise every day whether it be running, weight lifting, rock climbing, hiking, or something else.  However, the past few days I’ve been drained and nauseous.  I feel better now and I’m not sure whether or not it’s my increase in protein (I’ve started with protein shakes at lunch and a few meals with quinoa), and increased amount of sleep (6 hours to 8 hours) or that some type of bug has passed through my system.  Breakfast and dinner haven’t really changed a whole lot for me this month.  Breakfast has always been a large meal with some combination of grains/fruit/milk/OJ.  Dinner is usually small because you have your largest amount of calorie needs after breakfast (largest meal) and your lowest amount of calorie needs (smallest meal) after dinner (provided you are not working out in the evening).  My biggest hit from the change in diet is lunch time which is also when I work out (are the two connected? probably so).  I usually have some meat + rice + veggie but nowadays it’s a salad, pasta, or a nasty wrap and I think that zaps me.  So I’ve started eating trailmix, cliff bars, protein shakes, and more fruit throughout the work day and that seems to be helping.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’ve been keeping a food log so perhaps I’ll find out what’s working and what’s not working.

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One Response to Bean Salad Wrap = Vom-City

  1. Sarah says:

    No wonder you’ve been feeling like crap. That wrap would make anyone nauseas. Time to start making your own food.

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