Nausea is Lame but Boca Burgers Are Still the Bomb

As with my last post about lunch at work, I’m not sure whether I’m nauseous because of those meals themselves or because of my larger shift in diet.  Regardless, I was lazy again and opted for food at work during lunch.  Today there happened to be a vegetarian option at work, cheese ravioli.  I asked the person who served the food if there was any meat in the sauce and he said he didn’t know, so I’m going to take it on blind faith that it was simply a tomato-based sauce and plead ignorance if I’m wrong.  I also asked what type of cheese was in the ravioli, he didn’t know that either.  Oh well, fingers crossed…


Cheese ravioli and garlic bread, Mmmm? Not so much.

This lunch option was also pretty nasty.  I’m not exactly sure where the meal went wrong, but it just didn’t appeal to me which could have also been because I was feeling bloated and a bit nauseous still.  I ate a few bites of already cold ravioli out of a styrofoam box with a plastic fork, pretty much a fail all the way around.  Both the new vegetarian in me and the no-landfill in me were pissed.  The banana was good but I couldn’t really enjoy it because I was feeling pretty gross at the time.

When I got home I decided it was time to go shopping for protein and veggies.  I’ve definitely been lacking protein in my diet so I picked up some quinoa to use in my next meal.  I also grabbed frozen broccoli and garden burgers from Boca Burger.  I’ve taken a liking to frozen veggies because they actually come out quite fresh and because freezing veggies doesn’t reduce their nutritional value over time.  Also keeping them in the freezer   reduces the chance that they’ll go bad in a week like if they were in the fridge.


Quinoa, broccoli, and a garden burger.


My first ever veggie burger was from the Morning Star brand so this time I opted for Boca which was similarly delicious.

I’ve taken quite a liking to veggie burgers, I definitely think it’s something I’ll continue after my vegetarian challenge is finished.  Previous to this challenge, I associated veggie burgers with being a sub-par imitation  of the real thing meant for vegetarians who still craved meat.  Not true.  Unless you cook your burgers raw (I prefer medium-well) then you won’t notice much of a difference.  I think these burgers will find their way into my Meatless Monday (@meatlessmonday on Twitter) routine when this month challenge is through.  Check out the Meatless Monday website and/or twitter, there are obvious environmental and health benefits to having at least one day per week be meatless, join the 100’s of thousands of people who are doing it.  Cooking this meal was prime-time because I had a good/filling dinner with protein, veggies, and complex carbs as well as plenty left over for a big lunch the next day.  It didn’t really make me feel any better in the nausea department but at least I knew I was eating better.

The next night I went out to Parish Cafe with one of my roommates to celebrate the Apple Store fixing my laptop for free (long story but they messed up and it resulted in me saving ~$150, awesome).  I haven’t spent much time going to restaurants since this month started  but I plan to check out a few vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the area.  Until then I’ll still talk about and show some of the meals I’ve been having while I’ve been out and about.


Newcastle Brown Ale (Mmm deliciously vegetarian) and a Greek-ish Salad. The salad was mostly lettuce but the bread that it came with was delicious. I also had some of Parish's famous Mac and Cheese. Definitely order a half-order of this if you ever go there, it's EPIC.

I’m still trying to figure out the nausea thing.  I’ve jacked up my calories (read: increased), started eating more protein, and worked out a few days during lunch at work but perhaps it’ll be a few days before I notice any difference.  I’ll be making a few meals over the weekend with Sarah so perhaps I’ll start to notice an improvement in how I feel once the weekend is through.

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