Top Vegetarian Twitter Accounts

Throughout each of my month challenges I’ve made a point to follow Twitter accounts that were relevant to the challenge.  I used to be a huge Twitter nay-sayer because of how many people I know tend to use it (very teenie-bopper-esque, tweeting every 5 minutes about what they’re doing).  Look, no one cares what you’re doing every second of every day.  However, that was my previous bias.  I have since seen the light and realized how incredibly powerful Twitter is for getting relevant information at high speeds.  By relevant I mean, you select the things you want to hear about so instead of having an entire Boston Globe Newspaper you can choose to follow a few select journalists.  It also allows you to follow and connect with companies in a way that you’ve never been able to before.  I recently Tweeted at OR and got a free replacement pole for my bivy.  I also tweeted at Boston Common Coffee and got a free coffee.  It’s great.

So when I first started this month of vegatarianism, I had no idea what was going on so I turned to Twitter for help.  Here’s the top 10 most influential Vegetarian Twitter Users according to that I started following:

  1. @Vegimentary – Twitter’s best veggie fact tweeter. 400+ tweets and 19,000+followers
  2. @VeggieTweets – Links, quotes and thoughts related to animal rights and a plant based diet. 2,000+ tweets and 7,000+followers
  3. @VeggieGrill – The perfect indulgence as tweeted by co-founder Kevin Boylan. 3,000+ tweets and 51,000+followers
  4. @VegSoc – The vegetarian society is an educational charity promoting understanding and respect for vegetarian lifestyles. 1,000+ tweets and 15,000+followers
  5. @VegNews – America’s premier vegan lifestyle magazine. 3,000+ tweets and 30,000 +followers
  6. @MeatlessMonday (my favorite on this list) – We are a non-profit initiative, encouraging people around the world to go meatless one day a week for their health and the health of the planet! 3,000+ tweets and 12,000+followers
  7. @VeganTreats – We are a 100% cruelty-free vegan bakery. 1,000+ tweets and 14,000+followers
  8. @NoMeatAthlete – Vegan, ultrarunner, blogger, grad student, husband, new dad. Say Hi! 7,000+ tweets and 8,000+followers
  9. @IsItVegan – Is it Vegan? I’ll tell you.  You tell me! 3,000+ tweets and 9,000+followers
  10. @VeggieVacations – The best news & travel deals for vegetarians and vegans! 60+ tweets and 4,000+ followers

So basically I’ve used Twitter in two ways.  One, as a means to acquire information about my various 30-day life challenges and it has worked fantastically well (i.e. inward information).  It has helped to bring me quickly up to speed on relevant topics.  For example, this month I immediately started following these top 10 most influential twitter feeds because honestly I knew nothing about the topic.  Since then I’ve started following users who tweet interesting topics and news articles.  The other way I use Twitter is that I have WordPress auto-post  new entries to Twitter which also autopopulates my personal Facebook page as well as my blog’s Facebook page (i.e. outward information).   For the most part it has really helped to open my blog to new readers where previously it has been friends, friends of friends, and family.  In the end I really want these 30-day challenges to improve and enrich my daily life, so the more input I can get the better.  So feel free to comment on this blog, tweet at me @youngandurban, or email me at for suggestions, moral support, life hacks, and other forms of awesome.

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