Day 3 – Brownies at Broomball

I wasn’t quite sure what I would do today for my random act of kindness and again, it had become dark and was getting nervous at the prospect of not fulfilling my goal of one act per day.  Tuesday nights I play Broomball with Social Boston Sports out in Cleveland Circle so I was trying to think of something that would align with my activities for the evening.

This is what we can only aspire to look like.


This is what we actually look like. My SBS Broomball Team "J2: The Mighty Jorts" sporting ugly (or epic) Christmas sweaters. We were League Champions last year under the team name "Social Boston Jorts". Can we bring home the gold two years in a row?

My team had plans of getting together before our game to watch the movie Slapshot.  However, because I’ve been traveling so much, constantly on the go, I decided to show up just before the game in favor of making dinner and taking a few hours to chill out at my apartment (a rare occurrence).  So after I got back from work I went to the grocery store for some grub.  While walking up and down the isles (super hungry) I made an impulse buy of brownie mix.  As I was walking home it came to me that I could bake the brownies tonight and bring them to my broomball team as my random act of kindness.

So I made dinner (angel hair pasta with tomato sauce and Romano cheese) while simultaneously making coffee for the morning, lunch for the next day (rice, veggie burgers, and sugar snap peas) and baking the brownies.  It wasn’t exactly the restful period of time I was expecting at home but it wasn’t a big deal because I like being productive.  Also, I was sure that my team would be stoked about getting some brownies as broomball fuel so it was worth it.


Everything in this picture is awesome: Brownie Mix, Boston Common Coffee, a Jar of Homemade Jam, and a Pint of Maine Maple Syrup. Awesome.

When I got on the T it was absolutely packed with rush hour commuters.  I was shoulder to shoulder with my fellow commuters; one hand was holding onto a railing and the other was holding the plate of freshly made brownies.  It became evident to everyone that someone (me) had brought fresh brownies onto the train because they smelled delicious.  At that point I looked down at the brownies and realized that I was holding them right in the face a 5’2” girl.  We made eye contact, I said sorry for shoving a plate of brownies in her face.  She replied that they did indeed smell amazing.  Not surprisingly she turned down my offer for her to take one.  It’s generally not a good idea to take food from strangers, especially on the T so I don’t blame her.  All in all, I’m not surprised that giving out brownies on the T isn’t a valid tactic for random acts of kindness, no one is interested and rightly so.

When I got to the Broomball game my team gladly shoveled down most of the brownies which ultimately led to our 2-1 victory, propelling us into the championship game next week.  Is athletic performance correlated to the number of brownies eaten?  Definitely, although it could have also been the beer.  The plate of brownies still wasn’t finished after the game so I walked around to the other teams offering freshly made, though not really warm anymore, brownies.  Some people respectfully declined and a few others took a piece commenting on what things I probably put inside of them: marijuana, roofies, arsenic, razor blades, etc.  The people who took brownies were definitely stoked at the random and delicious treat, some more skeptical than others, but a positive impact none the less.  Even the referee took one, hopefully that’ll help us for our championship game next week.

I think that I need to stop trying to plan ahead so much and start living in the moment, making random acts of kindness actually random.  I’ll definitely have to start trying harder to recognize those opportunities and be more assertive about putting myself out there throughout the day.

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