Day 6 – A Rose for My Girlfriend

Today I took off from work to head to Maine for my Grandfather’s funeral, he passed away earlier in the week at the young age of 80.  Also on the same day, Sarah was flying into Boston for one night before heading out for a week-long relief/aid trip to the 3rd-world.  We would only get to hang out for a few hours but the timing worked out.  I grabbed a Zipcar, picked her up from Logan Airport, brought her home, hung out for an hour, returned the Zipcar, and made it to South Station in time for my bus to Maine.


Honda Insight at $8.75/hour from downtown Boston. A nice little, fuel-efficient car that drove well. It also had its own parking space in a garage downtown, beats the hell out of owning your own car and then trying to find parking in the city. Parking your personal car in the garage for 3 hours would be was almost as expensive as renting the car for 3 hours.

Before heading to Logan, I made a stop at Goodwill in Roxbury to drop off some remaining stuff from my 100-Item Challenge back in November.  I had a shelf, a baseball bat, a pair of old winter gloves, a few t-shirts, and some other assorted items that I put in a corner and planned to get rid of back in November.  I just didn’t count them toward my 100 items and planned to get rid of them as soon as I had the time.  Life got busy and I didn’t make the time for a Goodwill stop until today.  100 item challenge = success.

On the way to the airport to pick up Sarah, I stopped by a flower stand in Back Bay that I had seen on my way to pick up the Zipcar.  My romantic side doesn’t come out often (sorry Sarah) but today I thought it’d be a great random act of kindness to greet her at the airport with a rose.


It's amazing how much happiness a $5 rose can bring, definitely a success.

Even though she was only going to be in town for part of the day, the act of me getting her a rose was indeed random and kind.  It literally only took me 5 minutes and $5, definitely worth it.  Like I said before, my romantic side doesn’t come out often, but when it does, it definitely gives me mega-brownie points.  However, I’m not exactly sure who this random act of kindness was for.  Was it for her or was it actually for me? Inevitably, giving a girl a rose is a positive experience for the man as well. So was this altruistic or selfish?  I’ll side with a mixture of both.  Either way it made her happy and she was totally caught off guard.

Now hopefully she makes it back from the 3rd-world without getting dysentery…

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2 Responses to Day 6 – A Rose for My Girlfriend

  1. Tyler McDougold says:

    Hey Mike, good blog. The rose is for both you and her, her because she’s love the random act of kindness, and you because it makes you happy to not only see her happy, but see her happy with something that you did.

  2. Frank Lockwood says:

    Most men are clueless when it comes to what women want. Men seem to feel the need to understand why women appreciate things like roses before they are willing to buy them. This is not much different than saying I’m not gonna put one foot in front of the other until I understand gravity. You don’t need to understand the physics of gravity to observe how it’s properties work. You just need to spend enough time to observe what works and go with it. Sometimes the rules change mid-stream. So what. Learn the new rules, make the adjustment, and proceed. M. Scott Peck defines true love as an act of will to extend oneself for the purpose of nurturing (one’s own or) another’s spiritual growth. Although the act of buying a rose may seem to achieve both, the initial motive in acting for another is what counts. A positive response is always nice but irrelevant.

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