Day 7 – Kindness at the Drive-Thru

Today I was way up in northern Maine just for the day visiting family.  I had been keeping an eye out for random acts of kindness but I didn’t really notice any overt opportunities.  I mean I helped a few of my aunts walk across the ice but I felt weird about counting that toward my Life Experiment because that’s just something that I’d do anyway.  As per the usual for this month, it was getting dark and I still hadn’t done anything yet that I would consider a random act of kindness.  On the drive back down south we stopped by a Tim Horton’s to get coffee (basically a Canadian version of Dunkin Donuts, and yes Tim Horton was a pro hockey player).  I purposefully went through the drive-thru in hopes that someone would follow in behind me so that I could pay for their coffee.  Being in northern Maine it didn’t seem to plausible that the timing would work out for someone to drive in behind me seeing as though the population density is extremely low.

Welcome to Tim Hortons, just a stock picture from the internet, not my hummer in drive-thru.

However, as I drove up to the pickup window I noticed a minivan behind me making their order.  I paid for my drink and then told the cashier to also swipe my card for the van behind me, secretly hoping they didn’t order $25 worth of donuts and coffee.  Fortunate enough for me the bill was only $3 for two coffees.  I then told the cashier to only give them their coffees if they agreed to do a random act of kindness for someone else.  He laughed and said, “You got it bub”.  As we drove forward I went slowly so that I could see their reaction in the rearview mirror.  I saw the cashier explaining the situation to them with fairly aggressive hand motions (he was likely French-Canadian so that makes sense).  Then the driver and passenger seemed to nod in agreement and they received their coffees.  This was the first random act this month where I didn’t interact directly with the people themselves.  I hope they understood what I was doing and that they decide to pass it on and do something totally random and nice for someone else.

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