Day 11 – Pep Talk to a Coworker

Today’s random act of kindness happened without me even realizing it until after the fact. It was the end of the work-day and I was talking to my coworker about her training regimen for her first ever half-ironman (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13 mile run, EPIC).  The training is pretty intense, doing two-a-days more often than not with some combination of biking, running, or swimming.  Basically you have to focus on nothing but eating, sleeping, working, and training, there’s not much room for anything else.

Having just started her training, my coworker was nervous about finding the time to workout, work, and have fun, especially since she’s now leading a rather large project at work which will demand long days during the most intense parts of her training.  So we spent five or so minutes talking about how and why I thought doing the half-ironman was totally worth it.  I said how she’ll probably be tired every day, sore every day, and and maybe even a bit stressed out, BUT if it were easy then anyone would do it.  There’s a reason that a lot of people don’t just go out and do half-ironman races; because it’s hard and it takes a tremendous amount of focus, energy, and time.  It’s much easier to sit at home and talk about doing awesome stuff than it is to actually get out there and do it.  At the end of it (and for the rest of her life) she’ll be able to say she’s done a half-ironman, immediately putting here in a different category as compared to many other people.  “You’ve done a half-ironman? Holy sh!t, you’re crazy.”  To me, spending 6 months of “missing out” on late nights of partying with friends or weekend trips to various destinations is totally worth it if it’s in exchange for chasing the biggest physical accomplishment of your life to date.

At the end of my spiel, she said, “Thanks for the pep-talk, looks like you just did your random act of kindness for the day.  You didn’t need to do that but I really appreciated it.”  So I decided that this was indeed fitting toward my month-long life experiment. Over the course of my various trainings I’ve had a lot of support from friends, family, coaches, and even random people I’ve met in passing, so I’m glad that she found my comments helpful.  I’m sure she’ll crush the half-ironman despite the fact it’ll mostly take over her life (in a good way) for the next three months.  Again, totally worth it.

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One Response to Day 11 – Pep Talk to a Coworker

  1. My original post said she was training for 3 months but I was just corrected that it was indeed 6 months not 3. EPIC!

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