Day 15 – A Nice Note to Our Champion Waiter

After getting back from NH I was really interested in three things: eating an entire large pizza, drinking a few beers, and warming up.  So Sarah and I went to this place called Picco in the South End that does pizza, beer, and wine.  (Fun fact, picco in Italian means peak or pinnacle, but in Hawaii a similar word “pico” means bellybutton, I thought it was funny, maybe you had to be there).  We had never been to Picco before but I’ve walked by it a thousand times thinking, “Man that place looks awesome, pizza and beer, what could be better?”

Our waiter turned out to be incredible, in fact, he was probably the best waiter I’ve ever had.  We were being indecisive about drinks due their small but fantastic selection of beers so he asked us what we liked and then gave us some time to decide.  He then immediately came back with two samples based of what we told him we liked.  This happened three times right in a row with different samples, probably having the equivalent of a full beer a piece before we even ordered our meal.

Then we ordered a pizza based of his suggestion which was delicious (and veggie).  Following this we got a couple of desert-type beers because we were too full to eat dessert (Imperial Chocolate Stout, Brooklyn, Mmmmm).  We then realized that we were his last table.  However, he was still chatting, cracking jokes, and bringing us beer samples.  We hustled up a bit so he could finish his shift.  We left him a pretty decent tip but decided to go a little further and write him a note about how awesome of a waiter we thought he was.  If I could have afforded to give him a humongous-big tip then I would have, but I thought the note would be a good act of kindness.  We left it on top of the cash to make sure that he would see it after we left.  I wonder what his reaction was.  

Hopefully he appreciated the extra thought, I just didn’t think that a larger tip would have gotten our point across.  Anyone can give a large tip but what does that really mean (aside from the obvious benefit of more cash)?  I’ve had a lot of perfectly acceptable waiters/waitresses in Boston but this guy was truly a champion.

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