Day 16 – Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies at Work

Last night for some reason I was jonesing for some kind of baked good (urban dictionary definition of “jonesing“): cake, banana bread, cookies, fudge, it didn’t matter.  After looking around the internet with Sarah we found a recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  We then decided to add a twist and include  a few bananas into the recipe.  Generally if I have a banana that goes bad (mushy and brown) I’ll store it in the freezer to use later for banana bread, or in tonight’s case apparently, oatmeal banana chocolate chip cookies. I decided that my random act of kindness for the next day would be to bring the cookies into work and leave them at the front desk for people to grab on their way by.


Me putting some muscle into the cookie-making effort.


Chocolate chip cookies are healthy for you if you include oatmeal and bananas right? Maybe not if you eat half the bowl before you even bake the cookies, oh well.

So after eating a majority of the dough with Sarah and my roommates, I brought well over a dozen of the cookies into work.  I thought they came out pretty well.  You could barely tell that banana was in there but it was just enough to give them a banana-ish flavor without being overwhelming.  At the end of the day they were all gone so I guess that they were a success.  My boss’ boss is actually an amazing cook and so every once in a while he will bring in a baked good and leave it out for people to snag as they walk by.  It’s definitely a small gesture but it goes a long way.  Who doesn’t like to have a cookie randomly appear as they sign in for work in the morning or go into the front office to scan some documents? It was a win all the way around; not only did I get to eat the batter and taste-test the goods but I got to see the excitement of my coworkers as they scarfed down my random act of kindness. It’s hard to lose with free baked goods.

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